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Friday, December 24th 2004


Getting Close !

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Thursday, waited for a phone call about my blood test results, it didn’t arrive, maybe tomorrow. Went out Christmas shopping and have finally finished. Malls weren’t as busy as I thought.

Wednesday, went for a blood test, a little shopping, and then home. Mike picked up a phone for his Christmas gift and then David and I put it together. Marga is doing great and looking forward to her trip to Hawaii. Mike went flying tonight. Talked to Sharon on Yahoo Messenger, they are all doing great over there, in Melbourne.

Tuesday, went out Christmas shopping with Mike and got David a ….. Tried to get Mike another cellphone but not successful. He will look tomorrow.

Sunday, went to Broadway Lodge and did a Christmas Service, it was a great success. We also made a card a put a white/gold cross on for each of them. They were so appreciative.

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Saturday, December 18th 2004



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Friday, did a little christmas shopping.

Thursday evening we had a pot-luck dinner for our home group. It was a good evening, hosted by Brian and Christine Taylor. Lots of good food.

Wednesday we finally got Yahoo Messenger working and now we can talk to my brother and family in Australia.
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Tuesday, December 14th 2004



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Tuesday, I decided to clean up a little.

Monday, David had an interview for a Maintenance Manager position at the same place he works now. He will know probably Friday.

Sunday was a busy day, starting off with church and then lunch with Fritz at the Keg. Then it was on to our other church for a Christmas banquet, Marga saved a seat for us.
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Friday, December 10th 2004


Catch Up

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Friday, Went to see Ocean's 12 tonight.  Was a good movie, I give it the thumbs Up! Real funny with a few surprises. Can't tell you much more right now, don't want to spoil it. Try to see Ocean's 11 (2001) first.

Thursday, watched Ocean's 11 again.

Wednesday, went to the WM at Canyon Heights Church. It was great fun. I won an angel candle.

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Monday, December 6th 2004


Snow Day!

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Monday, it snowed today, but as soon as it hit the ground it melted. The flakes were a good size. Can't see the mountains yet but I'm sure the skiers will be happy.

Sunday, was the Union Gospel Mission Employee Christmas Party. David was presented with a crystal darque eagle. Looks good on our TV. It was a good night with lots of carols and lots of good food.

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Friday, December 3rd 2004



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Friday, was a quiet day, just some housework and tidying. It is supposed to snow a little tonight. Thursday, went out for lunch with Anneliese to Swiss Chalet, had a chicken wrap. It was so big that I brought over half of it home. Went to the doctors for my monthly checkup, he was very pleased with my progress and even used that word "work". Went to pick up a settlement cheque for our building retro.
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Monday, November 29th 2004


The Weekend

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Today was reasonably quiet, the weather is cold and last night there was snow on the mountain tops.

Sunday, didn't go to church as I wasn't feeling so good.

Saturday was lunch with Fritz and afterwards we took a walk, he walks quick for an 80 year-old. I'm only 52 years-old and couldn't keep up with him.
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